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Thread: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

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    changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    I was testing 2 versions of Firefox brwoser on my computer, that is, firefox portable version and firefox latest version. I have found that if I am running both the browser from the taskbar then I am not able to separate them and choosing the browser is confusing and I end up re-clicking the same browser again. So, I was wondering if I can change one of the firefox icon to something else so there will be no confusion. Will it be possible to accomplish this? Thanks

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    Re: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    There are many add-ons that can change the icon of firefox browser. Download and install one such add-on called Titlebar Tweaker Plus. It is a Firefox extension designed to offer the ability to customize your Firefox titlebar according to various criteria. Inserting the word "site favicon" into Titlebar icon, the text box will show the current favicon display and site activity. You can easily search it on google from your firefox browser and install it as an add-on

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    Re: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    There is another addon called Rebrand that you can install in your Firefox browser that is able to change the brand name and also the brand images and icons. If you want to use the wizard then try to select Rebranding Wizard from the tools menu. If you are using Firefox 4 version then you can also press the Alt key on your keyboard to get to the Tools menu. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    You can also try to copy an icon with the given name in this location - <installation folder>\chrome\icons\default\main-window.ico. Usually, the name of the icon is the ID for that particular window. If you want to change the Library icon then you must use a file named palces.ico. You can easily find the ID for the different windows using DOM Inspector, which you can find at the developer website of mozilla firefox browser.

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