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Thread: Unable to get rid of bing toolbar in Chrome

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    Unable to get rid of bing toolbar in Chrome

    I am not able to remove Bing toolbar from Chrome. It is stucked in the browser. I tired various method to remove it but it is not working. I want help for that. How to reset chrome default settings back as it was before. I hope there will be a option. I had can do this in Firefox but there is nothing like that available in Google Chrome. Where is this toolbar installed. And how to remove it completely. After installing this the browser is freezing a lot.

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    Re: Unable to get rid of bing toolbar in Chrome

    It can be due to some other addon in the web browser. You will have to remove that also to fix the problem. For that you can click on the browser toolbar and in that you can find Tools. Click on that and then look for Extensions. Just go in that and choose the thing that you want to remove. Click on it and remove it. This is the easiest way to get rid of things from the toolbar and make it performance better.

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    Re: Unable to get rid of bing toolbar in Chrome

    Just re-install the entire browser. That will fix the problem. Whenever I have this kind of problem I remove the web browser and add it back. Because this remove the extension and restore all old settings back. The browser also perform faster. You can keep a setup file in your system. Overwriting the existing installation will not help. It will just slow down your browser more. Just remove it completely and check back.

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    Re: Unable to get rid of bing toolbar in Chrome

    You don't have re-install it. You can go in Control Panel > Uninstall Program and there you can see bing toolbar. Just click on that and uninstall. This will remove all its settings and addons that are enabled in your system. I had removed this recently from my system and now things are working. So just remove it and then check back. If you are unable to find, then you can use some third party uninstaller. That will also help.

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