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Thread: cannot join Bing Rewards program

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    cannot join Bing Rewards program

    I was using Bing on Internet Explorer and just saw Bing Rewards program. I thought to join it via Facebook button but I am always getting an error message that states "We are not able to create your profile. Please check Rewards FAQ page". I have tried many times but nothing works. So does anyone know how do I join this program? Thanks

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    Re: cannot join Bing Rewards program

    You will need to submit a ticket to the Bing Support team by clicking on the "Contact our customer support team" link that is located at the right side of the Bing Rewards FAQ here. They will guide you to the proper answer for what you are searching for.

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    Re: cannot join Bing Rewards program

    The problem that you are facing might be related to the Internet Explorer browser cookies. So try to clear it up and then test again. To do the same, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete buttons together on your keyboard and then ensure to check mark this items - "Preserve Favorites website data", "Temporary Internet files", "Cookies" and "History". Then click delete button and close all the browsers and open it again and then test.

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    Re: cannot join Bing Rewards program

    Most of the people are let down by the bing support team telling that you cannot participate in Bing Rewards because of the violation in Bing Rewards Terms of Use and such cases include - having more than 5 user accounts, opening more than one user account per individual, residing outside of the 50 United States, and many more cases.

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