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Thread: How to download a sites on pc and surf them online

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    How to download a sites on pc and surf them online

    What are the possible options available through which I can surf a web page offline. A friend who is running a education institution has major problem with internet. There are certain specific websites only which are required to show while teaching. A number of time net is down due to which class is wasted. Now I need a tool through which I can make them offline and view them when needed. So that if there is no internet atleast the pages are available. Does video streaming is also possible or not.

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    Re: How to download a sites on pc and surf them online

    You can download and install a offline web page tool. This tool will save the pages and give you access when your net is not active. There are tons of tools like this. You can download any good among them and install it in your system.

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    Re: How to download a sites on pc and surf them online

    You will need a offline website downloader software. This software download the entire page and save it in your system. This is the fastest way of accessing those pages. One of the best tool is HTTrack Website Copier. I had used this tool for long time. In my case I download the website and test it. I make changes and again I download the same. It can allow you to save many sites. All you have to do is add the page url in the same. Now I am not sure about any addon that comes integrated in a web browser through which you can get your pages back. Most of the browser maintain a temporary cache. There are many other tools also available that can offer you more advance solution. But first I will advice you to start with HTTrack Website Copier. It works fine. It is a dedicated site downloader. You can save the pages in your hard drive and access them easily.

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    Re: How to download a sites on pc and surf them online

    There are offline page donwloader software. But you are asking for something that allows you to surf offline. For that you need a more advance tool and I do not think anything like that is available. Most of the tools just save the pages and done.

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