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Thread: How to add video in a email and mail to friends

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    How to add video in a email and mail to friends

    Is it possible to embeds a video in a email message. I have to drop bulk message to my friends and there are some tutorial videos which are visible on university website. The videos are free to all. What are the possible options available through which you can simply embeds the video in a email. And the dispatch the same to all my friends. I had tried to find many options but all offer links. I want to embeds the video directly.

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    Re: How to add video in a email and mail to friends

    The best way to send videos is via youtube. You can upload your videos and add a link in your email. And then send it. That's all. The receiver will click on it and view the same. This is the most simplest way to play the videos.

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    Re: How to add video in a email and mail to friends

    Yes it is possible to embeds a video in a email. And a receiver can play it directly from the mail. It works well. I had tried this a number of time. Because many face issue due to flash update or some browser problem. When a video is embedded in a email they just have to press the play button to run it. Now here it depends on the email service and email client whether it allows you to add video code or not. If your video is hosted on YouTube, you just have to click on share and there is a embeds code there. You have to copy that code and add in the email in html form. When you restore that to normal editor it works. But if the mail service does not offer you html codes then it will not work. The video will be displayed a text link. The best thing you can do is add a image and hyperlink the video link over it. When the receiver clicks on that a YouTube pages opens up.

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    Re: How to add video in a email and mail to friends

    As per my experience it is not possible to embedd a video in a email. This the limitation. Now you can use a email client that allow html codes in a mail. You can then use it to add a video in the mail and then display the same as per your need. Link sharing is the fastest way.

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