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Thread: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

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    Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    I am using Windows 8 and have installed the Internet Explorer 11 preview version. I did some update last 2 days ago and from that period the Facebook chat side bar is not loading on the facebook website at all. Is this problem happening because of the latest patch that I installed or is it a bug in this browser? Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    What you can do is press the F12 button and then scroll down to the below of the dark area and go to the left side. After that click on the computer display and then phone image. Now try to set the user agent string to a browser other than the Internet Explorer, like Firefox or Google Chrome and then try to reload the Facebook page which will work fine.

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    Re: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    What you can do to solve this problem is that you can add the Facebook page in the Compatability List in Internet Explorer 11 Preview version and it will show you a message on Facebook to update the browser but you dont have to update it. After that once the problem is solved then remove the Facebook from the compatability view lists.

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    Re: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    You can even set Internet Explorer 11 Preview to some custom and put any text you want in there instead of setting it to either Firefox or Chrome. After that everything will be loaded fine without using the search issues of another browser agent. Or else, stop using Internet Explorer 11 Preview browser completely and use Chrome or Firefox alternatively.

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