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Thread: Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

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    Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

    Is there anyone who can tell me what do you mean by "Redeem SkyDrive Code"? I dont know what is it used for, have just read about it? Does anyone also know how to get it? I have never used Skydrive in my life, so if it is possible then please also tell me how do I start using it for saving my data online? Thanks

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    Re: Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

    If you are getting "Redeem SkyDrive Code" then you can use is to use some of the premium features. This code comes with some of the different features that is designed by Microsoft for special things that can be only found in the paid version of the Skydrive Storage. Instead of the default space you will get some extra storage space as well after using this code.
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    Re: Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

    Incase you are a student or else if you have access to an .edu email address that you can also get additional 3gb of Skydrive storage for free of usage. You will just need to go to the website and you might get an email that could have a redemption code which you need to enter into the same Skydrive website.

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    Re: Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

    If you want to use Skydrive then you will see that only 7gb of storage space will be given to you, so its kind of like limited. But with the Redeem link in the web interface you can get a fill 25gb storage in Skydrive. Note that there are no 10TB code you are going to get for Skydrive as the maximum is only limited to 25gb or 30gb only for a single person.

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