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Thread: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

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    Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    I am using Yahoo Messenger from long time. The benefit of using this software is that it allows us to simply share files and play videos inside the chat box instantly. This works really nice and has no issue before. But from recent time I am facing a bit problem with the messenger. It is not working fine. Youtube videos are not playing and whenever I get any messages it freezes a lot. It was working quiet fine before but now it started giving out problems.

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    Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    Try to re-install it. Remove and install the latest version. Sometime yahoo messenger has this kind of problem. You can go in Control Panel > Uninstall a program and get rid of the same first. Then get a new one with latest updates.

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    Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    Yahoo Messenger is bit buggy sometime. I had seen this. I am having a netbook in which I am using Yahoo Messenger. First I was using the latest version. There was problem with the images. When someone send you a image in Yahoo chat box it opens up. And you can see a preview. But this failed to work. I had liked by Facebook account with that also. I was getting updates at the fresh installation but after few weeks it started getting worst. Then I removed it and installed a older edition which is working fine. I will recommend you to do the same thing. Instead of installing a new edition just go for a old one. Like the 10.0 or older. It is more stable and less buggy. My entire group is on Yahoo. So I cannot give up using this one. I started using Pidgin first but it is having some issue with file sharing. It is good for chatting, but yahoo conference and file sharing does not work on this. It is the best and lightweight messenger according to me. I am quiet happy with the old version here. It does not offer me Facebook messenger support but it is working fine. Video playback is also not bad in it, but as usual when there are multiple popup on the screen it gets slower down.

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    Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    In terms of performance Yahoo Messenger is really poor. Still in the new edition the same problem lies. Yahoo must plan to make it more lighter for netbooks because in this way people can use it on different platform offering a more stable output.

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    Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    The issue lie with flash or with your antivirus. You said that you cannot see the video preview. So the first thing to troubleshoot this thing is to update your flash player. You can just go on web and download the most latest version and install it in your system. This will enhance the output. Do not forget to remove the old one first. Do not just overwrite the existing installation. YouTube videos requires flash to run. And if that is unstable or crashing then video play fails to work. To keep your system performance better try to watch videos only on web browser. I never open a link directly from Yahoo, because it then freezes my system. J copy the link and then paste it in the browser. The same I do for videos also. I had seen a number of time that when I click on the link in messenger it takes quiet long time to appear. But when I copy paste the link directly on browser it works fine.

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