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Thread: google chrome tab automatically closing itself

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    google chrome tab automatically closing itself

    There is no doubt that Chrome is the best browser compared with IE and Firefox. But there is something that is bothering me with this browser. Whenever I am surfing the internet by having 3-4 tabs open, if I try to switch tabs then it will close it without even asking me to "leave this page"? Also I am not able to exit out of the toolbar? Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: google chrome tab automatically closing itself

    There definitely seems to be a virus in your computer because I was also facing the same problem on my pc where chrome browser tab was shutting automatically if I tried to switch tabs. After I ran the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus on my pc it found some nasties and so I deleted those viruses and after that the problem has disappeared.

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    Re: google chrome tab automatically closing itself

    Well, I am on my Sony laptop and was having the same issues with chrome browser. There were no virus detected when I scanned through the antivirus software but randomly sometimes it used to work properly and other times just used to give me the same tabs closing problem. The only way to get back the tabs if I had the problem recurring was to hold ctrl and the number of the tab and it then used to work properly for me.

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    Re: google chrome tab automatically closing itself

    Even I was using the ctrl+page down keys for some time and then used to click on tabs and it seems the issue is gone now. I also ran the Symantec antivirus in my computer and although it didnt find any viruses but was able to delete few tracking cookies. It appears that for sometime you get this problem but after you switch tab repeatedly then the problem just goes away.

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