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Thread: connect skydrive to linux

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    connect skydrive to linux

    Hello, I wanted to know whether i will be able to connect skydrive to ubuntu linux? I have dual booted linux with Windows 7 and there are a lot of data on the skydrive. I just want to know if there is any skydrive client for Linux which will allow us to manage all the files? If not then is there is other ways to do this? Thanks

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    Re: connect skydrive to linux

    There is no Skydrive client or application made that can be installed into Linux operating system. Skydrive client can be used only on Windows platform. The other option that you can use is DropBox. In Dropbox, you just need to sign up there by visiting the website and then you can store anything and can even manage your files anyways you want.

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    Re: connect skydrive to linux

    Instead of looking for Skydrive why dont you use Ubuntu One which works the same way also. It is nothing but a cloud service operated by Canonical Ltd. to let you store data within cloud. All you need to do is just register at that website and then store/manage your personal data. You can also sync this service to your mobile device and stream music from cloud to mobile phones.

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    Re: connect skydrive to linux

    There is also another sevice that gives you similar kind of functions like Skydrive called Bitcasa. The best past of this service is that you can store infinite data on it whether from your computer or phone or tablet. Also, Bitcasa clients are available for multiple platforms such as Widows, Mac and Linux. But or linux, till now, only 64bit client is available.

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