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Thread: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

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    Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    A number of time we overload our browser with tons of unwanted stuff that makes it slow in performance. So here I am making this thread to share some tips through which can keep it clean and also better in performance. The first thing according to me is to remove all the toolbars. At the time of installing any software just take care that it does not add un-necessary stuff in your system. Second keep the browser updated all the time.

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    Re: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    In my case when the browser hangs I remove it and install it back again. I am using a few set of tiny addons which are helpful in finding site information. Sometime it freezes the entire pc. So I re-install it and things are resolved.

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    Re: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    I think browser security is what matters the most. Ample of time we use addons which are not completely secure and cause serious issue. For that relying on a internet security package is simply not enough. From your end you have to also work on the manual settings. Web browser is the only default option available that can help us to visit different pages and collect information. So they remain prime target for various malware. The first thing I do is I install a good anit-malware in my system. Like Malwarebytest. This anti-malware is capable of locating various threats and then you can wipe them out with simple scan. The best part of using this tools is that they work well with your existing antivirus. You do not have to remove them. For add-ons I trust only few specific things. That keeps the browser stable in performance. One issue I always face is slow system when I open a few tabs at a single time. Like if I open around 8 1to 10 different tabs then the ram usage in Task Manager is still higher. This simply needs more optimization. Like those tabs which are inactive must not consume memory.

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    Re: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    That is a common issue with every browser. The more tabs you open the more slower it will be. The best thing you can do is work on around 3 to 4 tabs at a time. Instead of working on multiple you can restrict that to limited.

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    Re: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    If you want your browser to work fine and remains secure then you have to start removing unwanted stuff. Recently I had added a emoticon addon which added more malware in the system. I thought it is simple and will allow me to send graphics in different messages. But it screwed everything. Now I do not add anything. Before adding any addon I check and verify them. Like if a addon belong to Google or to any trusted source only then I move ahead with the installation. Some internet security package adds tool-bars. Like by AVG and Norton. This tool bars offer features like anti-phishing, trusted sites, etc.So this are more effective and works fine. They add more to the security. Even if you install anything additional there is no issue. The security application simply take care about the problem.

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