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Thread: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

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    computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    I am using the latest version of google chrome browser in my computer. It was working fine but from yesterday it started to having some problems. If I open chrome for 1-2 minutes then it will completely freeze my computer and the only way is to reboot the computer to get it working. I was thinking that this problem could be related to the graphics but I have checked that and they are working well. When I open any other browsers like Firefox or opera, then everything works fine, but when I open google chrome then then same problem arises. Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    This problem was discussed earlier and it was told that there could be a conflict between the Realtek audio driver that is installed in your computer. So, to solve this problem, you will have to install the latest driver version for the Realtek audio. You can download this driver from this link - After installing test whether you are still facing the problem or not.
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    Re: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    It could be possible that your computer system is infected with malware which might be attached to the iexplore.exe or Internet Explorer. I was surfing the net someday back and by mistake picked this malware in my computer. So, to get rid of this problem you need to run cleaner programs in Safe Mode. If the malware is still present in your computer then you can download the removal tools to another pc and then copy them to a usb pen drive and use it on your pc.

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    Re: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    There might be some software on your pc that is conflicting with Chrome browser and it is freezing the computer. It could also be a malware or some network related software that is interfering with chrome. So, you can try to access a hidden page that will let you know if any software is conflicting with this browser. Just open chrome browser and then type chrome://conflicts in the address bar and press Enter and see if any software is conflicting then update it to the latest version.

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