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Thread: Is there some way available to email avi video

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    Is there some way available to email avi video

    I want some help to email a avi video to my friend. It is around 100mb in size. I tried to break it in parts and mailed. There were more than 10 parts and now when I friend try to merge them they are not working. I used winrar for that. I need some kind of direct link to email it. It is a personal video due to which I am worried about sharing it on youtube.

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    Re: Is there some way available to email avi video

    You can upload that on Gmail and send the link to your friend. You can lock the video and if your friend has a gmail account then you can send him a invite to view your content. I shared lot of videos like this.

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    Re: Is there some way available to email avi video

    It is very simple. You can create a archive of your video first. Do not break the archive into pieces. Just create a single file. Then you have a tons of file sharing website like 4shared, copy, mediafire, rapidshare, etc. You can use them to upload your file and share the download link. Now the link will lies in your email only and those who has that url can only download the files. This is the best way. And if you want to add more security just password lock the winrar file. Which is another great way of sharing files. is the only that offers you around 20GB of free space on the web. That is more than enough. The benefit of using 4shared is that it provide you multimedia content streaming also. So there you can check out the preview on web. Sharing file is not complicated, but many are concerned with file security. I think Google drive is secure compare to all of them where you can only provide access to those whom you want. While in other files sharing whoever has the link can get your files.

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    Re: Is there some way available to email avi video

    There are some files sharing website available on web which provides you simple sharing with security also. Like Sharefiles. You do not require to worry about the security stuff. Just share the file. Adding a password lock archive is also not bad.

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