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Thread: Looking for unlimited online storage for video sharing

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    Looking for unlimited online storage for video sharing

    Which online file sharing website offers unlimited storage space. I want it for videos. I am using Google drive which gives me 15GB. That is not enough. It is almost full and soon Google will charge me. I am looking for some file sharing sites that can provide me a unlimited storage space. I am ready to pay if it is not really costly. My just keep my videos on web as a backup.

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    Re: Looking for unlimited online storage for video sharing

    There is no site that gives you unlimited storage space. Most of the website offers you around 10GB and I think Google is the only one which gives you 15GB. But you can do one thing. You can create multiple accounts on different file sharing site and have high storage space.

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    Re: Looking for unlimited online storage for video sharing is giving around 20GB of free online storage space. And when you signup and download the application you can get 5GB more. To get a good amount of space do one thing. Create a list of websites which offer you free online storage. And note down the maximum space they are giving you. Like copy is giving around 20GB + Google Drive 15GB. You have 35GB ready for you. Add more until you can grab around 100GB. That will be more than enough. But if you even want more than that there is one more thing you can do. You can buy a high space hard drive. Seagate has a 4TB NAS drive which is ideal for data backup and storage. And if you want something online then you can install a cloud server software or simply configure your pc as a FTP system. So that you can access all your stored files wherever you want. I will recommend you to go with a good set of hard drive for your system. You can buy NAS solution that can provide you upto 20TB of space if you are ready to spend on 5bay NAS solution. This is one time investment.

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