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Thread: How to get a globalize avatar on every site

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    How to get a globalize avatar on every site

    Is there any service available on the web that offers a globalize avatar. That means I can use the same image over and over again on many websites without uploading. Like OpenID. Once it is created I can use my same login on various website. I am looking something like for uploading my avatar and keeping in unique. I visit many websites where each time they ask me to upload a profile image.

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    Re: How to get a globalize avatar on every site

    There is nothing like that available I think. And even if you find something I do not think that is going to work really well on all the websites. Open id also works only when people add its plugin on their website. If they do not then you cannot use your open id.

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    Re: How to get a globalize avatar on every site

    There is website like this which is called as Gravatar. It is actually a wordpess plugin and whoever adds that plugin in their wp website then only it works. Usually there is nothing like this available. You have to create a different profile everywhere. Now there is one thing you can use. You can use your Facebook id. Today it is very common that many website uses a social networking plugin in their website. This allows users to create a instant profile without messing about adding different information. I had used my Facebook id at many places. But there is only one issue. You will keep on getting those useless updates on your wall which you can't stop. Facebook is actually a person issue. So using them on every site creates a problem. All nonsense updates are shared to all my friends. So I created a separate account. It is new and it is only for registering on different website. Using Facebook id is one of the most fastest way of creating account and many among them also use your profile pic.

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    Re: How to get a globalize avatar on every site

    I do not agree with using facebook accounts everywhere on the web. There must be some kind of universal option available which can help us to create a common id and use it for login everywhere. Still no one looks to be working on it.

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    Re: How to get a globalize avatar on every site

    I am using Gravatar. It is simply but as said above it only works if the site is having the plugin. Or else it is just a waste of time. Still you can create a id and keep it ready. Because on many registration page you will find the Gravatar icon and you just have to click on that and type your login details. That's all. Today Gravatar is the only option available for through which you can have a constant profile image everywhere. And the second thing is Facebook. There nothing available like creating a global profile and using the same again and again over different websites.

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