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Thread: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

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    Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    I am using the latest Chrome browser of google on my pc which is running on Windows 7. I have been using Internet download manager integration on Google Chrome browser but today all of a sudden it got removed automatically without even letting me know. If I try to reinstall the "IDM integration" extension again then Chrome is reporting that google has flagged its integration as malicious and it wont get installed? Can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    There is some kind of a known vulnerability in the IDM integration that allows any site to remotely execute some code on your machine which is meant as a security risk to anyone, therefore google has disabled this extension. They have also notified the IDM company many times about this issue and still they havent done anything to correct this issue. So, it is better that you dont enable this extension again in your computer to get infected.

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    Re: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    IDM team says that this is a false identification from google and there are no virus or malicious parts in Internet Download Manager. I dont know whom to trust here, but if you are willing to run IDM integration on Google Chrome then you will need to updated IDM to 6.17 build by going to the option to IDM help > Check for Updates. After that restart chrome browser and then enable "IDM integration" extension in it manually to start it again.

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    Re: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    Most users are reporting this issue is just en excuse made by google who doesnt want to run IDM integration on Chrome browser, since it supports youtube video download. Most of the users are now also saying that they might leave using Chrome and instead use firefox or opera browser. With the new Opera browser version, we also get similar kind of functions like chrome, so yeah, it will be a better alternative.

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