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Thread: Facebook chat wont work in

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    Facebook chat wont work in

    I am using a live account which I have connected to my Facebook account. I have given all the permissions asked on Facebook and account. But if I am trying to watch facebook contacts then I cannot see it in And because of that I am not able to enable facebook chat button to turn it ON? So can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Facebook chat wont work in

    Can you first of all tell us whether you are trying to sign in through your Outlook account or with your Outlook Alias. You should try to log in with your Outlook account. You will need to change in the settings on to get all the email from devices sent from an Alias. You might also be required to have your alias to be also your primary email address also. It will definitely work for you.

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    Re: Facebook chat wont work in

    You can try to do some troubleshooting by filtering your contacts, this way all of the contacts or only the selected ones will appear in the list. So, to do this, go to the and sign-in using your Windows Live ID account. Then check at the top right side of the Window and click on the cog wheel to view Filter all contacts. Now you need to click Facebook and then go back to the People page and view your contacts.

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    Re: Facebook chat wont work in

    Even I am facing this issue from past month or so on my Windows Phone 8. Also the desktop version and outlook users are facing this same problem every now and then. But I have heard that on Android there are many applications to solve this issue. It seems that only Microsoft is not concerned about this issue and havent given any update on whether they will fix this or not.

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