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Thread: Not able to upload file in Imageshack

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    Not able to upload file in Imageshack

    I am using imageshack as my default image sharing site. I am using this from long time. Recently I got some photos which I copied from a dslr. Now here the issue lies with upload. The file size is more than 2MB. Some of them are even 6MB in size. When I try to upload them I am getting a error. There is a red box over the image which I had selected for upload.

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    Re: Not able to upload file in Imageshack

    Looks like internet problem. Check your internet connection speed. You can run ping -t command in cmd and find out the same via ping request. If it is breaking then you must contact your ISP.

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    Re: Not able to upload file in Imageshack

    Try to trim down the image. The image size is too large. Now there is one thing you can do. First you can take the backup of image. Put them in a archive and upload them on site like 4Shared or Gmail which offers you around 5GB of free space. That is only for backup. For imageshack you can trim the image size with the help of picture manager. Just right click on the image and choose open with > Microsoft Picture Manager. You can click on Edit Picture and there you can click resize. From that you can see a set of default size format or you can also reduce the size on the basis of performance. Just choose Document large. That is enough for a widescreen. Then click on apply and save the image. In this way you can select all the images together, apply a different size and update it. That is one of the best way to reduce image size and make it better. The image size will be around 200 to 400kb which is quiet better to upload. You can download a imageshack tool for your desktop and through that you can initiate the upload process. It is also quiet simple.

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    Re: Not able to upload file in Imageshack

    Why don't you try some other website. Like Tinypic or Photobucket. This are quiet nice website that I use sometime of image sharing. This works fine with large image size also.

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    Re: Not able to upload file in Imageshack

    I think the issue lies with file permission. Whenever you copy files from a dslr they are marked as read only. So to remove that just right click on the folder which has all the images and click on properties. In that check below and remove the tick from read only. That's all. Then try to upload back. It is wise if you simply go with a more trimmer size of photos. That will do your job more better. Now I am here using Picasa. I am having lots of photos. I created a private album in Gmail and I use to share my photos. I just have to drag my files for upload. Being a desktop tool, it is quiet easy to manage. There is no need to rely on your web browser for upload stuff. Even if there is a internet problem the tool will continue the installation later on. For imageshack there is a browser plugin available. You can test that by uploading certain files.

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