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Thread: How to block facebook scams

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    How to block facebook scams

    My wall is just flooded with some updates which are based on fake facebook scams. I am not able to figure out why they are keep on posting those useless updates. I need some help here to fight with this un-necessary scams on my wall. I had liked some pages and also added some apps on the website which are also used by my friends. I am getting some updates associated with monetary transaction and it completely does not looks natural.

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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    Facebook has become a place for people to spam and to run this kind of fake things. It is necessary that you must not click on any kind of apps or like pages if you are completely sure that update provided them are proper.

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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    There are certain settings available that can help you to keep your wall more cleaner compare to ready to use applications which are available on the market. To some extent Facebook privacy settings are not so effective. Due to which a tons of unwanted applications just use your wall to promote their products and other stuff. It is essential that you must go to the settings section and click on Privacy part. There you can find ample of settings which are associated with the keeping your wall clean. Recently I had added a application which says itself as a kind of Facebook cleaner. But it was another spam app. I am having more than 800 friends on facebook and once a notification is posted it gets posted everywhere. I was getting complain from my friends about this thing. So just click on the settings icons on the top right and click on privacy settings. There you can find more options. At the left bar is a app section. Where you can manage the notifications and updates associated with those useless applications and pages. I usually deleted everything from there and now the wall is more cleaner.

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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    Scams are getting common day by day on facebook .It is the most popular social networking website on web due to which a huge traffic is drawn to the site and that also attack spammers. I hope facebook would find some way to tackle this thing.

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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    Facebook has done some changes in the privacy policy tweaking it more to give you a proper way to deal with different apps on FB. Now it is not a new thing. It is going on from long time and there is nothing you can do. Scams are common. It is essential that you must avoid it. The first that people use to do before is just keep on adding friends. They also add people who they never know. Scammers on FB create pages and they keep on adding friends. Then they sell those pages to spammers and advertising companies who keep on adding new content that is spread on different walls causing a flood of notification on the page. So it is essential that you must trust only those people whom you know and instead of over flooding your wall with different apps and games just get choosy.

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