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Thread: receiving mail notifications

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    receiving mail notifications

    Well, I am new to and dont know how to use it fully. I just know how to send and receive mails on it. But I was wondering if I am getting any emails in my account, then how will I get to know about I have received it? Is there any mail notifications for the email that I am receiving from my friends and family in my account? Thanks.

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    Re: receiving mail notifications

    Right now, Skype is the default messenger that has been integrated with Microsoft, which was previously using Windows Live Messenger. And till now Skype doesnt support mail notifications, it could come in the near future however. This is a popular feature that works really great with Yahoo Messenger and should be also implemented with Skype as well.

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    Re: receiving mail notifications

    Are you using Internet Explorer 9 in your pc, if so then you can try to pin the Hotmail or on your taskbar. By pinning it, you will get a notification whenever you receive a mail in your email account. But remember that you will need to use big icons in the taskbar, otherwise with small icons you wont be able to see the notifications. Hope this helps.

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    Re: receiving mail notifications

    You can try to install Bing toolbar that comes with a Mail button which allows you to receive mail notifications and preview the latest email messages in your mail. There is also a solution to keep the Windows Live Messenger on your computer, but for that you will have to skip some important updates that replaces the newly Skype application for your computer.

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