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Thread: sucks after Hotmail gone

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    85 sucks after Hotmail gone

    The new is too ridiculous and it is also not very user friendly. Most of the time it will simply not load properly and I always end up getting an error message on the same page. There are sometimes that I cannot view my emails as well. Microsoft should definitely bring back the hotmail interface or else I will simply switch to another email provider services that are far more better than the interface that sucks.

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    Re: sucks after Hotmail gone

    The users that have automatically upgraded or opted to choose the new interface of Outlook will not be able to switch back to hotmail. Also, from quite sometime all hotmail users are already upgraded to Also, if you are using a old version of any web browser, then you might face issues viewing emails on, so it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of the internet browser to fix this issue.

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    Re: sucks after Hotmail gone

    Microsoft has already upgraded the hotmail system to for everyone who used to sign into their hotmail account. So it is not possible to switch back to hotmail or you can count in that is dead now. This new Outlook interface was upgraded for the email system which uses the same kind of interface of Windows 8. Check the article on "My Hotmail account was upgraded to" to get more information from here -

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    Re: sucks after Hotmail gone

    Even I agree that sucks and hotmail was much better than the latter. I have changed most of my contacts to gmail. Also it loads faster than outlook by simply pressing one button on the mouse. Most of the time I get "can't connect to the internet right now" on outlook which really pisses me off. Then there is another issue of deleted messages that re-appears again in Outlook, it is really annoying.

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