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Thread: adding contact to an existing group in

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    adding contact to an existing group in

    I have tried many times to add a contact to an existing group in, which is the new interface, but it doesnt seem to work. What I have found is that I can only try to add or delete or change the groups name that I want and nothing else? I am looking for a way to add more contacts in the group but no where there is any option for do that? What is the proper way to do that? Thanks

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    Re: adding contact to an existing group in

    All you need to do is click on whatever Contact you would like to add, which might be at the left hand side column. After that when you get a display of the contact's information, then click on "Groups" in the toolbar that will be at te upper side where it displays New, Manage, Edit, Delete Groups. Once the group that you want to pick is displayed, then check the boxes for the same groups for this contact and then this contact will belong to that group only. Remember to click ok and the click apply for the settings to take effect.

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    Re: adding contact to an existing group in

    Thanks for the wonderful solution but from what are telling we will have to go into each contact separately to add it in the group which seems to be a very long process. I remember how we used to do it in the old system where we used to go into a group and then add extra names diretly but in this new system it seems that we cannot do the same. This is really very annoying and therefore a solution for this should be implemented.

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    Re: adding contact to an existing group in

    There is a new feature in the People page in So, incase you want to find out your groups in, then go to the search box and type the name of the group to display and then click on that group. After that you get many options to manage the group. So, in the People window click a contact that you want to add in the specific group and after you are done with this at the toolbar click Groups and then check the box in front of the group name and then click Apply.

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