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Thread: Lost email on after I renamed my account

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    Lost email on after I renamed my account

    So, I was previously using Hotmail email account and when I recently logged in then it was completely changed to, which seems to be the default email provider. Anyways, I was trying to rename my account and after doing so, I noticed that all me emails got lost? So, is there anyone who can tell me how to recover this lost emails in my pc? Thanks.

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    Re: Lost email on after I renamed my account

    If you cannot see the emails in your account, then it could be possible that your emails were over 270 days old and hence you lost them because of inactivity of the account before you renamed your account. Also, check to make sure that your account was not hacked, a hacker can easily delete in your account if he gets access.
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    Re: Lost email on after I renamed my account

    Did you try to make a new folder, if so, then the default name of the folder might be used with the name of your old account and the folder will appear in the left hand side under "Folders". You can check the same folder to see if all your old emails are stored or not. Also, once you upgrade to then you will be upgrading the user interface only and all your emails will stay and wont get deleted from your inbox.

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    Re: Lost email on after I renamed my account

    You can also try to restore the deleted email messages in your account. Just check in the left side of the Outlook Windows and then click the deleted folder and then at the below side of window, simply clikc on "Recover deleted messages". After that outlook will try to recover as many emails as possible and then restore them back to your Deleted folder. Incase you dont get the deleted messages for the ones that you want, then it could be permanently lost and cannot be recovered again.

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