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Thread: Cannot send or open attachments in

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    Cannot send or open attachments in


    This is windows 7 system and i recently started using the new Well the interface looks good with the integration of skydrive and other apps. The only problem i am facing is with the attachment. I am not able to send any attachment, neither i can open any attachment received in the mail. I dont know what is problem, tried everything but no success. I am using Internet Explorer as the web browser.

    Is this a bug with Somebody please help me out. Thank you.

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    Re: Cannot send or open attachments in

    Can you tell me which web browser you are using? As the outlook is a new app, it is build for the newer browsers. Hence you should try updating the web browser to the most recent version. If you are using Internet Explorer then better apply the patch provided in windows updates. Secondly, you should also know that requires silverlight to function properly. Hence from the browser itself, visit Microsoft Silverlight pluging page and install it. Restart the browser and try working with attachments in outlook, hopefully it should work fine now.

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