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Thread: How to edit and add contact in email of

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    How to edit and add contact in email of

    After a long time I logged into my hotmail account and found out that it automatically got converted into Now, all the interface of this new is new to me and therefore I dont have a clue on where to add or edit a contact in its email? I also want to select all contacts for bulk emails. Is there anyone who can tell me how do I do this? Thanks.

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    Re: How to edit and add contact in email of

    For editing and adding contacts, you will need to go to the Peoples page, and once on it, on the top left corner under the people listing all "V" check if the "V" is clickable. It will show you either Available or Favorites and then click on the Email address and on the left side of the contacts listing. After you have done that, Add + and Edit are listed on the top side, that you can see.

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    Re: How to edit and add contact in email of

    At the time you are making a new email, then click on the "To" on the left side and then choose the name of a group that you want to sent to. Incase you do not havea group and it is not set up, then you need to go into People by using the little down arrow in the top left side and then choose all the people that you want to feom your list and then add to a new group. Or else you can check the box for the first contact and then hold on to shift+arrow down key to select all.

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    Re: How to edit and add contact in email of

    Even I was facing the same issue but I have now solved it. There was a lable as a newsletter and when I changed that lable then it started giving me the option to add as a contact. Or else, just select the group that you want to add a member to and while selecting the group, the box next to is should not be checked. Now you will have the edit option at the top that you can click onto.

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