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Thread: Unable to sign into my account

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    Unable to sign into my account

    I am a very user of Hotmail. I remember it was earlier Hotmail, then came Live Mail and now online Yesterday i switched from live to new Checked my mail and configured settings, everything was working fine until last night. Today morning when i started the computer and went to check my mails, surprisingly i was not able to sign in in outlook. I am sure about my password as i am using it is since a month and didn't changed it yesterday. I tried restarting browsers and all but yet the same result. Any idea what might have gone wrong? Please help. This is my very important account and i have to access it is anyhow.

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    Re: Unable to sign into my account

    Hello Ackle, did you managed to fix the signing in problem? If not, probably your password might have got changed or hacked. To confirm the same, can you signing with the same username and password in other Microsoft Live services like live messenger, Live Mail, etc? If you haven't tried yet, try it now. If you are not able to login then surely the problem is with password and you should try changing the same. Also if you got logged in still you should try changing the password and then try logging in to outlook. Hope it helps.

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    Re: Unable to sign into my account

    Well most of the time such problems may also occur due to any password manager extension installed on your computer or due to cookies. If you have password manager installed on your computer simply uninstall the same or disable it temporarily. You can better try starting your browser in safe mode so that no add-ons are loaded (this can be done with IE and Firefox.)

    In case you just dont want to disable or uninstall the extension simply delete your browsers temporary files, clear cookies and cache. Restart the browser and see if the problem persists. I thing the problem should be solved as of now.

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    Re: Unable to sign into my account

    Well I managed to fix the problem simply by clicking on Forget password and creating a new one. I don’t know what was the problem but doing this fixed the problem.

    Thanks for your help/reply though fLUTE.

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