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Thread: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

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    menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    I am using the latest version of Google Chrome browser on a Windows 7 computer. After this latest update was applied to my browser, now all the bookmarks take up mostly the entire screen of my monitor which is kind of very annoying? So is there anyone who can tell me how to change this settings back to original or there is no option to do this?

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    Re: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    Even I was facing the same issue when I updated the chrome browser to the latest in my pc. After searching a lot on the internet I was able to find a solution for this issue. So, to fix this problem, you need to do to the properties of your chrome shortcut and at the end of he target line simply add a space and then type --disable-new-menu-style. After saving the setting, the menu of the chrome browser will default back to the previous one.

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    Re: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    With the day by day latest update, Google Chrome is becoming a useless and annoying browser. The problem started wih the Print option in the context menu that was out of nowhere replaced by search and then this spacing issue. Well, if this kind of implementation is going to come out in the future then I will just stop using this browser once and for all and use other browsers like firfox or opera browser.

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    Re: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    I think that this problem can be also resolved by pressing shift key + right clicking on the Chrome icon that is pinned on the taskbar, but you will be able to get only correct menu when Chrome is not running. Incase if it is running then you will be getting a different menu. Or otherwise you can obviously use the method given in the above post that is used to solve this spacing issue.

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