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Thread: avoid "Get a better name on YouTube" message

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    avoid "Get a better name on YouTube" message

    Hi, whenever I am trying to create a new channel on youtube then it will continuously ask me to "Get a better name on YouTube". I just want to use my name that is tied up in the google gmail settings and nothing else. And also when I click on "I don't want to use my full name" then it will just take my whole name which I dont want it to take. After clicking all the terms and all it will still ask me a number of things for verification, like from gender to age to date of birth, which I dont want at all. Can anyone tell me if there is cancel button to get rid rid of this dialog box? Thanks

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    Re: avoid "Get a better name on YouTube" message

    Even I am facing the same issue with youtube that keeps asking me that my name is not a better one and because of that I am not able to type a single comment. Also, on my PS3, it will keep poping up for no reason? When I click on "yes" or "no" it will just freeze till I have to refresh the page again and end up with the start that my name is not better? How can one fix this issue?

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    Re: avoid "Get a better name on YouTube" message

    I am using Firefox and the only solution that I have found is by turning off the javascript to post the comments and after writing the comment in the youtube video comment box I again turn on javascript back to on and then it will give a post button which allows me to click and post my comment which finally succeeds in the end. Hope this helps someone out.

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    Re: avoid "Get a better name on YouTube" message

    Even i am frustrated with this youtube name policy. I also dont want to change my youtube name to my real name, who wants to keep a real name on the internet. All i get is the same annoying pop-up which I am unable to get rid of. Even the first option of keeping the youtube username which we want is not working. Youtube is just trying to protect their scam fishing by making every other user looking like a spammer, it seems.

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