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Thread: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

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    "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    So, when I checked the youtube player today then I was not able to see the "stop download video" button anymore on the videos? Can anyone tell me what is going on and how do I enable it again? I dont want every other channel to start with their auto-play enabled which is wasting a lot of bandwidth for no reasons. Also, the buffering process is not very well, when I am seeking then it starts to load the video again? How do I remedy this issue? Please help.

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    Re: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    It seems to have become a custom for google to change good functions from their products. It was one of the most useful features and now after changing it, they say that they have done a great improvement and tuning for their products, which totally sucks. Also, it seems to be some kind of caching mechanism like if you are pressing the pause button then it caches many seconds of the video ahead and then stops downloading it.

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    Re: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    Even I found out that the stop download video button is missing. I dont understand why google needs to remove this useful feature without even letting people to know about it? The problem with us is that we are not corporate partners or a celeb like anybody else, to whom google is listening to right now. Google should listen to people because this is also the main source of the income for many people.

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    Re: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    Even I was using it many times to stop videos from playing just because if I am playing some games for sometime or some high end games or such without losing the performance. Also, when I used to stop any video using the "Stop Download" then it always used to saved where I had left it off which was very nice feature for sure. Guess that I will just move to either Dailymotion or some other networks.

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