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Thread: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

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    Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    I was recently trying to test the new beta version of Opera Next 15 brower on my pc, so I installed it. But after installation I found out that there was no Mail Client included. So my question was since its a beta browser, then in the final release, will we get the mail client in the browser or not. Can anyone confirm if it is going to be included or not. This things needs to be an optional plugin for opera browser.

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    Re: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    You should know that the mail client in opera is no longer integrated into the browser, which was its own standalone program. It will instead integrate Webkit, which is the engine used in Google Chrome browser. They decided to separate the Mail client M2 and if you use opera mail before, then you will have to download a different product from the same website to continue using it.

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    Re: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    Opera Next 15 contains a big novelty by changing the rendering engine of web pages. Opera 15.0 is now based on Blink, a fork of Webkit developed by Google and used in Chrome and Maxthon browsers. With this major change, there wont be any display problems. Regarding the Mail client, it was also removed but it is available in separate program.

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    Re: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    Yes, you can download a seperate standalone program called Opera Mail 1.0 RC. Opera Mail was the name of the mail client which was formerly integrated into the browser, but in Opera Next 15 browser, it still works on the Presto engine, which allows the mail client to be as light as what was formerly the browser. Opera Mail client is a very light and easy to configure progam.

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