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Thread: Opera Next 15 missing features

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    Opera Next 15 missing features

    I recently found out that Opera 15 Next browser was released for Windows and Mac with a new webkit rendering engine. I havent tried it so far and I also think that the linux version of Opera 15 Next browser is not available yet. So, before trying it out, is there anyone who has tested this browser on their pc? What all good features did you like about it and also what are all the missing features in this new Opera 15 Next browser? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: Opera Next 15 missing features

    It seems to me that Opera Next 15 is a similar build like Chrome browser. There are no difference when you will work on both the browsers now, only the name difference you will notice, lol. You wont be able to find any customizing options like keyboard, toolbars, menu or mouse ini files. There are also no Notes, form fields, site settings, url filters, mouse gesture, etc?

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    Re: Opera Next 15 missing features

    Opera Next 15 is nothing but a beta version of Opera 15 build version. The interface has been smoothed, and some new features are introduced, but it is mainly the rendering engine that is evolved. This new version of the browser is totally made from scratch for the design, even though it is a well recognized design of the browser at first glance when it launches.

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    Re: Opera Next 15 missing features

    The interface of Opera Next 15 is smooth and easy. The home page Speed ​​Dial has been reworked with a simple drag and drop that will help to arrange shortcuts into folders. Google is the search engine selected by default. There is also an appearance of a Notepad function to return later to a page that has been set apart before, and a Discover function that provides access to a news feed continuously. Top of page, the address bar now includes the search function, as with the Google Chrome Omnibox. Also note that the old Turbo, which is now called Off-Road, for faster browsing, now supports the open source SPDY protocol and the e-mail software historically integrated in Opera is now available as a separate software, called Opera Mail.

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