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Thread: Firefox 20.0.1 freezes a lot after upgrade

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    Firefox 20.0.1 freezes a lot after upgrade

    I am using Firefox as the default web browser. It automatically updated to the new edition which is 20.0.1. Now there is some problem with the same. I am having some add-ons about torrents and a game site. It is giving me problem after update. It is simply freezing a lot. I am not able to understand the issue behind the same. I thought the new update will be more better and give a more proper output. But somehow it is really annoying. Can anyone here guide me to fix the problem that I am facing.

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    Re: Firefox 20.0.1 freezes a lot after upgrade

    Try to disable all the add-ons and then check back. Then check back. The browser when updated does not updates the add-ons. They remains as it was before and due to that some old add-ons which are not compatible with the new cause problem. So it is necessary that you either disable them or remove them completely to make your browser performance more proper. Or else such issue will be common. Just remove the add-ons and add them back one by one.

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    Re: Firefox 20.0.1 freezes a lot after upgrade

    That is right. I got the same issue before. I had removed the addons and when I went back on the addon download site I found the addon is not really compatible. It is essential that you must simply check back properly every new thing integrated on the web browser. Disable everything and make it clean and then simply install one by one. That makes your job more better in fixing the issue you are facing. Which is really not complicated to fix the issue you are facing.

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    Re: Firefox 20.0.1 freezes a lot after upgrade

    The remove the web browser first. Uninstall it completely. Then download the new edition back from the web and install it in your pc. When you uninstall the old one everything is wiped out. Then download the browser back from the official website and install it. This will not only wipe out incompatible addons abut will also make your browser perform more better. That is the reason I never keep automatic updates on. I always check whether my existing addons will work on the new browser or not.

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    Re: Firefox 20.0.1 freezes a lot after upgrade

    It is a bit annoying that when you get the new version of browser on your pc some addons fails to work with the same. So that makes the usage more less. I am still not able to get a old addon work on my web browser. There are very few browsers which really work and keeps on getting fresh updates depending on the browser edition. I am sure there will be ample of stuff available on the web that can guide you to fix the problem you are facing.

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