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Thread: How to lock a web browser

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    How to lock a web browser

    How to lock a web browser. I do not want to turn of the entire internet. I am looking for some utility that can simply create a password lock to the web browser tab. Like for example if someone start firefox it should ask for a password. I tried to search on web but there is no app. There is no addon available for Firefox also. Does anyone knows anything about the same. Locking internet is easy, but somehow I want to lock the complete web browser only.

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    Re: How to lock a web browser

    No there is no addon available like that. You will need to search for a web browser that comes with that feature and till know as per I had checked there is no browser available that comes with some kind of password lock. It looks you want to restrict the users from surfing web. And so you want to add a password. Still if you want you can go on Chrome store and look for that kind of applications. And if you found any do post the solution here.

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    Re: How to lock a web browser

    Did you checked out Mozilla Add-on. There can be something related to that. When I looked on web I am finding addons and application that simply allow to keep a track of your logins. There is nothing available that can allow to lock a web browser. And I think that might be not possible. You can simply hide the icons of web browser in a locked folder so that no one can launch it. That would be a easy way. There are application through which you can restrict the internet users on the basis of user account.

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    Re: How to lock a web browser

    If you search Mozilla add ons and there is an option at the bottom of the site for Firefox support, maybe they can give you more direction.

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    Re: How to lock a web browser

    If you use Mozilla Firefox, click Tools > Options > Security. You see a new dialog box and tick the Use a master password box. Type your password into Change Master Password box, click Saved Passwords and click Ok button.

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