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Thread: How safe is online mobile recharging??

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    How safe is online mobile recharging??

    I want to know if online mobile recharging is safe, I haven’t tried it by now so I don’t have much idea about it. I see a number of sites like rechargefreak, paytm and others offering good discounts, some of my friend’s use it and they are quite satisfied with the service they get. I just want to cross verify from you all if it is actually safe or not.

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    Re: How safe is online mobile recharging??

    I don’t have idea about good discounts but I have used paytm many a times and haven’t got cheated yet. So according to my experience I think paytm is quite safe. Anyways to be at safer side you can delete your cookies data after making transaction. I make sure that I do that every time I make any transaction online. The only problem with paytm is that if something goes wrong while carrying out transaction and you don’t get the balance than you will have to inform them about it and you will get your balance after 6 days. I have ran in that scenario once but I had got my balance after 6 days, I wasn’t cheated at all. As far as other sites are concerned I will suggest you to first check out companies background and verify it form some other user you might be known off. I wasn’t aware of paytm previously and I came to know about it by one of my friend. Since then I stick to it and I don’t use any other site for recharging my phone.

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    Re: How safe is online mobile recharging??

    Rather than falling for discounts and recharging your phone from some other sites why you don’t go with your operator website. Most of the operators today have come up with online recharge functionality; I think using their site will be the safest. I have a Vodafone card and I recharge my card from their official site and not from any other site.

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    Re: How safe is online mobile recharging??

    I agree, using operator website for recharging our phones is safest. Just to share I have used rechargefreak and paytm both and I have never got cheated but I don’t refer to them anymore. It is because they create a database of all mobile phone numbers as sell that database to other companies. When I had started using rechargefreak I used to get several messages every day offering discounts on different things, most of them where no of my interest. That’s one of the main reason ive stopped using any other site for recharging rather than official ones.

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    Re: How safe is online mobile recharging??

    You have made a very good point, I never thought of it. I was just concerned with the safety, anyways even I am using Vodafone and I will use it for online recharge from now. No matter rechargefreak, paytm are safe I don’t want to get irritated with unnecessary promotional messages.

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    Re: How safe is online mobile recharging??

    Paytm website doesn’t seem to work well for all operator, I am having a loop sim card and from last week whenever I am trying to recharge my card I get below error message:

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