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    Getting redirected to

    I have just installed Opera web browser in my PC and I started to use it. On the right hand top corner of Opera there is a quick search bar. Whenever I type any search query in it, for example, ‘Liverpool F.C. is the greatest club ever’, I get results from I know that every browser has this feature, but majority of them have Google’s search bar in it. Also if one has multiple search bars, they provide us choice to select one of them. But Opera doesn’t have any option to change the default search engine. Can someone tell me how to get as the search bar in Opera?

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    Re: Getting redirected to

    I think that the version of Opera you downloaded must not be from official website. The official Opera always has Google or maybe Bing in its search bar. But the version you must have downloaded has been edited by some other user and then uploaded for you to download. He must have edited the URL of the search bar to so that all your searches come from there.

    I think that you should download Opera from its official website which will have Google or Bing in its search bar.

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    Re: Getting redirected to

    Many websites prompt to install their custom search bar or maybe taskbar in the web browser. If you click on it, then such things occur. You can check in the add-on or extensions if anything that you don’t need is present or not. If anything related to is found remove it.

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    Re: Getting redirected to

    I think that there is a slight change in the file where the settings of Opera are stored. It seems like you must have visited some website which must have changed the setting to make your Opera’s search bar to direct you to You can go in the folder where Opera is installed and search for a file named ‘search’. Open this file in notepad and you will see many lines of settings. In square bracket, it will be written as Search Engine 1. Below this will be a line with URL written. It will have the on it which you can change to desired search engine. For example, and so on. Save and exit. Now start Opera and the search bar will redirect to Google searches.

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