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Thread: Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

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    Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

    I had use everything here. I am talking about different file and document sharing tools provided by Microsoft. Like Live Mesh, SkyDrive, FolderShare and Microsoft Office Groove. Yet I am not able to really understand what is the actual difference between them. Are they all the same. I am not really interested in using all of them. My requirement is very basic. I just use this to share my files over web and especially those whose configuration is not complicated.

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    Re: Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

    Here I can provide you a short description of all those stuff that you are looking for. This might help you to understand what is the actual difference between those tools.

    • Windows Live Mesh - This is formally a part of Windows Live Essential. It is used to sync files over internet. You can simply create or upload your documents here, make changes and sync them wherever you want.
    • SkyDrive - This is a kind of cloud support. Here users can simply add their files and keep them online. They can them open them in their web browser and make changes. It also provides you options to keep your files private and public for sharing.
    • FolderShare - This is now Live Mesh. You can have a shared folder online where you can keep the files and share with anyone.
    • Groove - This is actually called as Groove Workspace which is a part of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace. You can create your inhouse network to share files and chat among people.

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    Re: Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

    There are all tools which provide you cloud file sharing feature. I had used Skydrive for some period. I believe that Microsoft must offer more space to Skydrive. The current one is a bit limited if you have good media content on web. Like photos or videos. Also the privacy should be more strict. Compared to this Groove needs more system resource. It is not recommended for small group of people. Groove is an advance feature of SharePoint where you can simply bring your entire office at one place.

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    Re: Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

    If you need basic sharing support to share files among network pcs then go for Live Mesh. It is most easiest option and also you can connect or manage files via internet. Second thing if you need certain service for online sharing then it is better you purchase a cloud server for that. There are ample of cheap hosting provider on web which will give you cloud server on reasonable rate. I had seen ample of people had switched for Dropbox to Live Mesh. The reason is simple usability.

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