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Thread: Flash Player Settings for OS X Lion

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    Flash Player Settings for OS X Lion

    I have seen that Adobe flash in Windows have different settings in order to manage hardware, web browser or such. The hardware includes Web cams and microphones. Whenever you see any flash content on Webpage or Windows, just right click in it and it will display a menu. At the end there will be Flash player setting option. When you click on it, It will open a small Flash player setting Window. It will contain different settings to set how the Flash player will work. You can also set the location for flash to store its temporary content or Flash. I am very much familiar with this control panel on Windows but I don’t know how it is on OS X Lion and what settings I should configure for Lion? Is it same as the Windows one?

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    Re: Flash Player Settings for OS X Lion

    Changing settings of Flash player is not a big deal. By just right clicking on any flash content you can access the flash player settings panel. It does not contain any complicated setting though. It just comes with few basic settings which is same for both Windows as well as for OS X Lion. Only the user interface will be different with few different options. In OS X lion users where complained about unavailability of flash player settings. Right clicking on Flash player was not responsive at all. Nothing was coming over the content. To address this issue the adobe has recently released an update for Flash player which is meant for fixing few loop holes which was causing buffer overflows and memory corruption. This version has fixed most of issues with Flash player. Make sure that Adobe flash player is meant for Intel based Mac only.

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