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Thread: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

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    Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    Today morning I tried to login into the Windows Live messenger using my Hotmail account. When I try to login into it, I have received an error message, saying that the profile is temporarily unavailable. I have tried to login directly on Hotmail using the Internet Explorer and there it logged in successfully and I have got my Inbox and all. But it won’t allow me to log in into Live messenger. Does anyone have good solution?

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    It seems to me that your Internet address or what we call an IP address might be locked to chat for free or a bad use of it because someone has abused possibly sending spam or advertising . Either by your computer or virus or the phone line from which you connect with someone else might have sent number of emails to the same Email address again and again and due to the Administrator or may be the Moderator have blocked the ID or simply put it into the Spam list. If several users going to report the same ID referring as a spammer, the Microsoft will block that ID temporarily until they get certain confirmation from the user.

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    If I try to send messages from your Hotmail or Live account you get a message saying: "This account is currently blocked and cannot send messages. If you believe you have not violated the conditions of use of Windows Live, please contact technical support." It indicates that your account has been hacked by someone and using it to send Spam to other Mail accounts. In order to unlock this, you have to do the following things”
    First of all log into the windowslivehelp center.
    • To make Hotmail moderators enable your account you must create a post in Windows Help forum "Sending and receiving emails."
    • Login to your account has been blocked after you click on Hotmail Forums
    • Now you click on: Make a question
    • There expose your brief and specific problem with your email address (obviously having the problem).
    • Now wait a Windows Live Email Help, do not forget to check out the unwanted mail folder.
    • The email should say something like your account is enabled for the Windows Live Help community. Log in using the following credentials. Once signed in you can change your password.
    • Then it means that you can send messages.

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    Do you get that message with Hotmail (or Live Mail)?

    "This account is currently blocked from sending messages. If you do not think you've violated the Windows Live Terms of Use, please click here. "

    It seems that someone has sent many e-mails from your email address. It may be that you have a lot chain letters, e-mail jokes, or other unsolicited mails to large groups of people have sent. If you have not already done strange things could also be that someone else e-mail address abused, in that case, read this notice carefully and change your password if that's possible, how do you find that same message. Microsoft use systems that help spammers Windows Live Hotmail to recognize. These systems put different restrictions on accounts. One of these is to block users to e-mail messages. Occasionally suspicious activity will ensure that a legitimate account is blocked. You have to contact the moderators of Hotmail account in order to check and validate the account is blocked or that it was a false report. Please Post here a message and provide your account name and the error message you get on Windows live help center and one of their moderators will help you.

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    I have checked the account through my resources and I have found that my account has violated the Terms of use. I don’t know what else to do now but I would rather suggest some steps that you can take to avoid this error:
    • Check your contacts and recipients to make sure that you send messages only to those who also want to receive.
    • Limit the number of messages you send to large groups of people, so there is less chance that they mark your message as junk mail.
    • Limit the number of chain letters, e-mail jokes and other messages that you send to help people recognize your mail as desired, and increase the likelihood that your messages through the junk mail filters of your recipients will be accepted.
    • Check all the contacts in your address book to make sure that their accounts are still active.

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    To know if a contact, you see more and off-line, or not blocked you on Windows Live Messenger, click the right mouse button on its name in the list of Windows Live Messenger contacts. In the menu that pops up, move on View and click on the item's profile. On the page that opens, if you're not already identified with the e-mail address and password of your Windows Live Messenger account. After doing so, it opens a page where you should see the display picture and personal message (if he wrote it) of your contact. If these appear, NOT your contact has blocked you. But if not listed in either picture, or personal message, it means that the contact of Windows Live Messenger that you always see off-line has blocked you. The trick works with Spaces contacts that have a non-public, or which can only be seen by contacts placed in their contact list in Windows Live Messenger, and with contacts that do not have a space.

    The situation is more complicated than it seemed at first. In short, the method does not always work. From the tests made, the method seems to work with most of the contacts, allowing us to understand whether a Messenger contact us locked or not.

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    As far as I know that in this situation you have to go the account recovery process for that reason to regain the access of your Window live/Hotmail account. The Microsoft will take the account security seriously at this process and they need to get the proper establishment of the account ownership first in order to send password reset link to regain the account access in any manner. This process is very helpful to prevent hackers from social engineering account for gaining access to your account. First of all go to the Windows live recovery page and submit a validation request. Make sure that at this time you are giving very accurate information which you have given during the process of account creation. More accurate information result in quick validation passes.

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    Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    POP access from Hotmail was long overdue and will be gradually rolled out at the time of writing the settings only for a limited number of participants are available. If you are able to receive e-mails but have problems when sending, it is likely because the ISP is blocking port 25 Get the alternate outgoing SMTP settings from the ISP or their support website.

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