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Thread: Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter does not works nicely

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    Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter does not works nicely

    In Vista, I get the message: Phishing Filter cannot check this website because the Microsoft online service is temporarily unavailable. If I switch to XP, on which I am also using Internet Explorer 7, the phishing check works OK, so the Microsoft service is working. Then I go back to Vista and get the same unavailable message as before. Can anybody help.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter does not works nicely

    Phishing (also known as Phishing) is a technique of bringing users into revealing personal or financial information via email or a fraudulent website. The Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7 to verify the authenticity of a website. Open your browser Internet Explorer 7. Click the Tools button located top right of your browser. Select Phishing Filter, then Settings Phishing Filter. The properties window of Internet Explorer 7 appears. Using the elevator, go down until you reach the Phishing Filter section.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter does not works nicely

    It works all you need is enable properly settings. Enter the phishing filter settings and set the following parameters. The parameters of the Phishing Filter has three states. Select the state you want, then click the OK button
    • Enable automatic checking of Web sites: all websites you visit will automatically be checked.
    • Disable automatic checking of websites: when you visit a website for the first time, a warning window will appear prompting you to check this website.
    • Disable the phishing filter: no more website you visit will be checked.

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