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Thread: How to repair internet explorer 9 32 bit

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    How to repair internet explorer 9 32 bit

    I am currently using the Internet explorer 9 32 bit on my system and I am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with i5 processor. I am running Internet explorer 9 on this operating system. When I try to open the website at that instant certain website gets break and I cannot open. When I click on photo instead of showing large window and displaying photo it shows wait bar after that doesn’t happen anything. So can anyone tell me how to solve this?

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    re: How to repair internet explorer 9 32 bit

    I have read your content on forums and I would suggest you that please reset all the setting which you had made. How to do this will be a question, so I am telling you few steps just follow this I hope this will help you to solving this issue.
    1> First launch the Internet explorer 9 and then click on tools menu from your Internet browser.
    2> Then you will see many options in that menu so you have to just click on Internet option.
    3> Just click on Internet option in that please click on advance tab.
    4> Then finally click on reset.

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    re: How to repair internet explorer 9 32 bit

    You are saying that when you click on photo then instead of showing photo it shows wait bar. I think there may be problem of in Internet explorer 9. I would suggest you that please uninstall Internet explorer and then again install in your pc. I hope this will help you to solve this issue.

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    re: How to repair internet explorer 9 32 bit

    You have to follow some steps which will get rid you from your problem.
    I would suggest you please immobilize all add-ons from your Internet explorer 9 and after that try to reset internet explorer setting. If you have Microsoft safety scanner so you just run this and most important thing please updates your driver. Clear your browser history and I would suggest you that please run Internet explorer 9 on software depiction mode instead of GPU mode. If you still not able to solve this issue I think there might be problem in system registry there would be some files gets corrupted so repair this and then try again.

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