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Thread: Google chrome doesn’t sync bookmark and users data

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    Google chrome doesn’t sync bookmark and users data

    I have been using Google chrome from two months but I haven’t faced this type problem.
    My bookmarks do not sync between different instances of Google chrome and different computers after initial setup Google chrome to sync all data. When I set up Google chrome for sync it syncs all data and bookmarks. After sometimes it doesn’t sync bookmarks. I am getting Error type: throttled and action type: Unknown action. I have read forum on internet and in Google also then I got one solution for create a new Google account but this solution I don’t want to do. So can anyone tell me what I should I do?

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    Re: Google chrome doesn’t sync bookmark and users data

    Thanks for your report: I have been noticing that some users are getting throttled. The reason for throttling is limit the number of changes that we need to be sync per account in short period of time. If you getting throttled that means you will be throttled indefinitely. If you getting this type of problem. Please follow these steps.
    1> You can stop sync, just see right corner of your browser; you will see that there would be a icon (called as wrench). Click on that icon; go into option and then personal stuff.
    2> In that personal stuff click on sign in> disconnect your Google account.
    3> After that close your Google chrome.
    4> Restart you chrome.
    5> When you start your chrome sign in re-enable sync on the computer by repeating above steps.

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    Re: Google chrome doesn’t sync bookmark and users data

    If still, you are not able to solve this problem. There is only one way to solve this, just create a new Google account. For that, just click on “setting “menu under your user name in the right corner of page then click on stop sync. This will close all browsers and it will take you back to setup wizard, where you can login with different account. So you will get entire data which had been previously synchronized from your account.

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    Re: Google chrome doesn’t sync bookmark and users data

    Here simple solution you can see.
    I had a same problem before one moths but I solved it. I can tell you how could this possible. It wasn’t update my bookmarks, then I opened option tab and then clicked on personal stuff.
    Next, I clicked on stop syncing this account. After chrome disable that feature. Then immediate button changed to setup sync. I clicked that, followed by instruction. It synced everything. It took few minutes after that my problem gets solved.

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