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Thread: Not able to re-enable cookies in Opera

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    Not able to re-enable cookies in Opera

    I am having a problem and I know this is a common problem for many users who don’t know to use web browsers properly just like me. I had set cookies to ask me if I want to accept the cookies or not as there are some sites I set the cookies to “Deny” and I have also selected do not ask me again but now I want to re-enable that features. But I am not able to understand from where I can do it. I just want that I should get a popup window which asks about cookies.

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    Re: Not able to re-enable cookies in Opera

    Will try and give you two options just try it if any of the one can help you out.
    First tell me if you have deleted all the accessible cookies?
    1) Now go to Menu -> Settings -> Delete private data.
    2) You can also try this step if the first one does not works. You need to set it in site Prefs but yes for this you need to know which sites you are doing for. Until and unless you need to delete all cookies.

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    Re: Not able to re-enable cookies in Opera

    Hey thank you for your quick reply but none of the above solution worked for me. I had even deleted all the cookies but it still dint help me, I have even tried to change all the site prefs and even the cookie manager but nothing worked for me. As I have problem in more than 4 sites. Can someone help me out? By giving some solutions which do work 100%.

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    Re: Not able to re-enable cookies in Opera

    Hey I am also having same issues with my Opera cookies I also tried both the above solution but it dint work for me too. I have also tried to un-install and install Opera again and then I had used CCleaner for register but that also dint helped me out and I am still facing same problem regarding this issue. And I don’t like to use other web browsers but because of this I need to use other browsers so please help me as soon as possible so that I can again start using opera.

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    Re: Not able to re-enable cookies in Opera

    See what I have done as it works for me.

    I un-installed the web browser then I deleted the profile and again installed. I took backup of all the bookmarks as I needed it but it’s up to you if you need it you can take it and if not then leave it.

    This is what I do I never use site Prefs, or use CCleaner for the cookies. I have keep the option to delete all things on exist. So if you want to set this kind of thing you can just run CC, browser should be off, after running the CC start the browser turn cookies on and then visit the site which you want to save. Now just open CC to option/cookies. When you open this the left side would have the cookies and if you want to save it just move it to the right side and it is done.

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