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Thread: Is Social Bookmarks good for traffic

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    Is Social Bookmarks good for traffic

    One of my friend has a website and was not having social Bookmarks on his site and was not also getting got traffic. And say around a week ago he added social bookmarks on his site and suddenly he have started getting good traffic so I just want to know is it true that we can get good traffic from social bookmarks.

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    Re: Is Social Bookmarks good for traffic

    Social bookmarking sites - Social bookmarking sites began as a way for users to download and store their personal bookmarks online. This way, web visitors are not restricted to their own computers. By saving their personal social bookmarks online, they can access them from any computer. The social aspect of social bookmarking is that everyone save their personal social bookmarks for these online sites can see and use all other bookmarks! Social bookmarking site essentially becomes a giant collection of bookmarks contributed by many users.

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    Re: Is Social Bookmarks good for traffic

    Yes Social bookmarks are really very much useful for traffic as if I post any think on my site I do make sure that I have submitted into all the social bookmarks also as I get amazing traffic by doing this. And it is very helpful to gain traffic and also earn money.

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