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Thread: Google Chrome for PowerPC Mac Users

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    Google Chrome for PowerPC Mac Users

    There is no chrome available for PPC MAC users. Though PPC architecture is evolving now there will be many users who would like to use their PPCs with OS 10.5 only. I think that Google should soon launch the chrome for PPC MAC users as it has always helped the Mac users in several ways.

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    re: Google Chrome for PowerPC Mac Users

    Yes, i too have Intel Mac and PPC Mac also but i prefer using the PPC Mac for regular use with Google chrome browser. Please provide us with chrome for our PPCs. I would also like to have picasa on my PPC.i have used a chrome browser on my windows and would like to have experience with it on my PPC.

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    re: Google Chrome for PowerPC Mac Users

    I have PPC G5 and was trying to install the chrome on it but unfortunately it failed. It has been released for snow leopard and it has been two years since then and still it is not available for PPCs! You can’t just neglect the computers like these and should make something for it. I also want a chrome browser for macbook also if possible.

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    re: Google Chrome for PowerPC Mac Users

    I wonder Google has provided us with Google Earth and Google Notifier but they can’t give us very important chrome browser for our PPCs? Why users like us are kept different from the others who can use the chrome as their browser. I am planning on going with Bing browser or firefox maybe.

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    re: Google Chrome for PowerPC Mac Users

    The user of the Power PC can’t afford to buy new Mac or Intel just because of they can’t use a specific browser! Why should we be remained apart from using the chrome browser? This is not the only software that is missed by the Mac users. Same thing happened with universal binaries! Other system are allowed to use these software but they are only restricted to Mac users.

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