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Thread: Tips to Secure Wordpress

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    Tips to Secure Wordpress

    Popular scripts and software are always interesting to hackers and crackers. Which is also true for Wordpress. There are always people who abuse vulnerabilities, for example, to access the admin section or to install malware on a blog.

    To start the year any better to know several ways to keep it secure our WordPress. To do this I made a selection of plugins that help you have a secure WordPress.

    • Always keep in mind these basic guidelines:
    • Keep abreast of the latest WordPress version, the only guarantee control of known vulnerabilities.
    • Install plugins only safe, if possible from the official repository.
    • Install only issues insurance, if possible from the official repository.
    • Check the security section of WordPress Help to verify that you have made all necessary security measures.

    Subscribe to feed WordPress Help to be informed of security alerts.

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    Re: Tips to Secure Wordpress

    Choosing a secure password to change the default prefix for the WordPress database tables. Plugins limit the number of login attempts also contribute to safety as much as the choice of trusted sources of free plugins and themes and the use of an alternative admin account name.

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    Re: Tips to Secure Wordpress

    By far the most important step in your WordPress blog or website to secure is that you always use the most recent update of Wordpress. There are regular security holes and bugs found. These problems are solved by the Wordpress developers. These solutions are then incorporated into an update for Wordpress that users can download and install. Always download updates when available. You will see a message in the Administration Panel of Wordpress as it detects that you are using an outdated version.

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    Re: Tips to Secure Wordpress

    Unfortunately no one is safe against hacker attacks / malicious hackers. I guess there are two styles of hacking:
    • The hack reflects a specific purpose (negative SEO, revenge,)
    • The hack to make the main (train, test, fun,).

    The second option for me probably because the lack of interest of having polluted one of my blogs content-poor, young and not referenced.

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    Re: Tips to Secure Wordpress

    No site cannot be 100% protected, but by applying a few simple tips, you will make the task much more difficult for hackers. Rather than waste time with your blog, they will spend the next...

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