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Thread: how to restore google chrome history

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    how to restore google chrome history

    how to restore or lock google chrome history, I am using laptop with windows 7, my friend using some secret website and last delete history, how to know what website using...? please help friends

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    Re: how to restore google chrome history

    Unfortunately there is no way to see once the history gets deleted from the browser. There is no way to restore it back unless you have taken back up for the same. See this .

    Also there is possibility that your friend might have used Incognito Window (Also known as Private Browsing in Firefox and Opera) that wont store any kind of data, history, cookies of your browsing.

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    Re: how to restore google chrome history

    Restoring chrome history is only possible if you are using some third party add-on for the same. I am using a recovery tool called as Stellar Phoenix recovery software. This tool help me to locate a lot of deleted files from the system. It works really nicely. It is a full recovery software through which you can also get back your old files. Without that I do not think there is any option available through which you can really get the cleaned history. Chrome does not come with any of those features. So it is better to install this tool and keep it for future usage.

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    Re: how to restore google chrome history

    I do not think there is a possible way to get that. I had opened some pages in Private browsing and lost them accidentally. I tried many things to recover those urls but it was not available. I also really don't remember the complete name. At many places I found it is possible to get that through system restore. You can try that once. But remember that this will remove any recently installed applications in your system. System restore does not touch your data. It remains intact. You will need to try use some third party software to maintain log of your browsing.

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