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Thread: Cookie Management in Mozilla firefox 7

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    Cookie Management in Mozilla firefox 7

    I used this Mozilla firefox 7 web browser onto my windows 7 in last two weeks. Now I need some guidelines that work to understand Cookie Management process. I think Bugzilla helps to do this Cookie Management task in Mozilla firefox 7. Is there anyone knows more knowledge about this cookie management in this Mozilla firefox 7 then please share your valuable experience here. Thanks in advance for guidelines.

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    Re: Cookie Management in Mozilla firefox 7

    In Mozilla firefox 7, there is multiple options presents that help to enable as well as disable cookies onto this web browser. You need to apply this option and get necessary task onto it. then for doing this task, you need to first go to Tools" menu, "Options", clicking the "Privacy" button, and under "Cookies" uncheck the "Allow sites to set cookies" option. It works to disable browser to use such cookies onto your system. Hence try this, if you want to disable this cookie onto your system. It is really helpful to you.

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    Re: Cookie Management in Mozilla firefox 7

    Check mark on the same "Allow sites to set cookies" option helps to enable the cookies onto your Mozilla firefox 7 web browser. The instructions for clearing the cache and cookies might be different for each browser and version. but most of the time, Tools->options menu helps to manage this cookies onto our Mozilla firefox 7 browser.

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    Re: Cookie Management in Mozilla firefox 7

    You can also do this similar task with the help of Bugzilla applications. Bugzilla is a Web-based general-purpose bugtracker and testing tool initially developed and used by the Mozilla project. Bugzilla is configured by changing various parameters, accessed from the "Parameters" link in the Administration page. This is helpful to managing cookies in proper format. Bugzilla and all of its source code are available for managing cookies and also it is helpful to manage cache memory. Hence use such third party application that work to fix this issue.

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