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Thread: Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

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    Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

    Hi, I have recently installed yahoo messenger 11 in my machine and don’t know what could be the problem but i am not able to load the game on the messenger. Whenever I get any request from my friend I am not able to see anything rather I can’t do anything, and at other hand whenever I make a request to any contact although I can’t do anything.

    Any idea how can I play the game, is there any utility or plug-in that we have to enable before playing the game? please mentioned that as well if there is any.

    Need suggestion.

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    Re: Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

    I think there could be some problem with the version that you are using, because I can play the game without any hesitation, thus I would say you should make sure whether the yahoo messenger that you have installed is working perfectly or not because see it might be possible that all the things that you have is perfectly but still because of the corrupt you are not able to play the game.

    Thus according to me reinstallation may fix this problem.

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    Re: Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

    see there could be some another reason as well regarding the internet connection speed.

    I am not sure about this but the thing is like if you are using an dial up connection for surfing the internet then you may not be able to play the games as they required broadband rather faster connection in order to load them.

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    Re: Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

    I am agree with the above user but still according to me you should at least try to enable the JAVA on your internet explorer browser. and for doing that you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

    To enable JAVA in Internet Explorer:

    1. Open the IE and select Tools and choose “Internet Options”.

    2. As the windows appears on the screen you have to select “Security tab” and For the Internet zone, ensure that the Security level is set to Medium or under.

    3. If you've selected to modify your security settings for the Internet zone, if there's a Java heading, ensure Java permissions are “enabled”.

    4. beneath the Scripting heading, set Scripting of Java Applets to Enable or Prompt.

    5. Now click the Advanced tab and scroll down until you see the subheading Java, Java VM, or Microsoft VM.

    6. If Java logging enabled and Java console enabled options are there, choose them so they have check marks.

    7. If the only option is Use JRE # for applet (requires restart) or somewhat comparable, so choose it and click Apply and hit OK button, reboot is necessary after this.

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    Re: Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

    hey thanks for the suggestion dude, as I have done this and really it works perfectly, and really I was quite anxious about the same because though I have very good internet connection I was not able to play them, but after following this, everything works perfectly.

    Thanks again.

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