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Thread: How to Reset the Web Browser Configuration for YM 11

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    How to Reset the Web Browser Configuration for YM 11

    Hi, I want to reset my browser configuration as I am having various problem because of that such as,

    • Messenger doesn't function as expected

    • Error message: "You are not connected to the internet"

    • Cannot make a PC-to-PC call

    • Dropped Calls

    • Cannot access chat rooms

    Is there anybody having same problem with their messenger because of this browser configuration, please tell me how can I reset it.
    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to Reset the Web Browser Configuration for YM 11

    When by Mozilla Firefox or another substitute web browser is well, it is significant to keep in mind that the installation and correct configuration of Internet Explorer is necessary for Yahoo Messenger to function properly.

    And that’s why you are having problem with your yahoo messenger.

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    Re: How to Reset the Web Browser Configuration for YM 11

    Yeah I know about the thread and the causes as well but I want to know how to resetting the browser configuration so that I can simply apply it and use the messenger again.

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    Re: How to Reset the Web Browser Configuration for YM 11

    for doing that you have to simply follow the mentioned steps.

    First of all you have to download and install the most recent version of Internet Explorer and then reboot the machine and if you have the latest version than no need to do all this. Resetting your Web browser configuration will reinstate the manufacturer settings without deleting your Favorites. See the followed steps.

    a. On your keyboard, push the key amalgamation Windows + R. as this opens the "Run" command box and in that you have to type “inetcpl.cpl” and then click OK. as this will opens "Internet Properties."

    b. From the opened windows you have to select the Advanced tab.

    c. As the newer windows comes in to view, you’ll get the Reset button so click on that.

    d. Click to select the checkbox for Delete personal settings.

    e. Click the Reset button again and when the reset is complete, click Close and reboot the machine.

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