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Thread: Getting "The connection has timed out" error message while accessing website

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    Getting "The connection has timed out" error message while accessing website

    Whenever I try to access any website I am getting a constant connection timeout error. I am not able to figure out why. I am trying to stream some a website that gives live workout videos. I was accessing them before in my office where it worked well. But when I am trying to open the same thing on my pc I having this constant The connection has timed out error. Only a few pages work fine.

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    Try to test this on different site. For videos YouTube is the best place. See whether you are getting connection timeout error on this or not. If yes then it means your internet connection has a issue. You have to contact your ISP to give you more details about fixing this problem. This type of issue also appear if you are on a slow internet network. You must upgrade your plan and check back. I think that will help you more to get a proper speed.

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    It is necessary to find where the problem is. Is it with the browser or with the internet connection. For that launch cmd first. Then type ping -t and hit enter. See whether you are getting constant response or not. Check the same thing on some other website also. If you are getting proper ping then it means the website which you are trying to access is on a slow server.

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